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Hippos Healthcare

Our focus is healthcare and healthcare delivery

We help our clients communicate where they fit and how they deliver value in the healthcare system

Our model is built for agility, speed and strategy. Using internal knowledge as a catalyst, we champion collaboration and transparency allowing us to move fast and thoughtfully. You name the challenge, we’ll integrate with your team to help define goals and achieve them: building a platform of success that allows clients to move ahead both with and without us. Read More

Winners and Losers

The healthcare sector has grown to an astonishing $3.2 trillion industry and is expected to climb to $3.7 trillion by 2018. But with all the growth, there’s also consolidation, driving some analysts to predict a winner-take-all marketplace.

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Drug Pricing Transparency

Is it possible for a pharmaceutical company to usher in a discussion on transparency, embracing its complexity as a way to address market challenges and shift the conversation away from specific drug pricing?

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Best Conference Presentations

I have attended many healthcare conferences. My goal was self-education on healthcare, but in the end, I learned a lot about what makes a presentation great, interests audiences the most and generates the most follow-up.

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In this era of healthcare change, clients look to us for See Expertise